Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bloody Marys & Halloween pt 2

The day after Halloween, Mars & I & a couple of friends had brunch at Touch Supper Club in Ohio City. The wait was long and the food was pretty standard BUT they had an awesome make-your-own BLOODY MARY BAR. This was very exciting for me considering my recent bloody mary obsession. Most interestingly, Touch has homemade infused vodkas such as potato bacon, curry, wasabi, etc. I tried the tomato basil vodka (this bloody tasted like pizza) and the mango horseradish soy vodka, which made a very sweet bm that no one liked except for me.


here are some various pictures from the house show/halloween night.

frankenberry & kathleen hanna... in love.

mars from chicken dinner candy bar, as my suave lumberjack boyfriend


  1. aww you made the pictures all cute! okay next year though, i'm totally going as a naughty girl scout or something. so manly, ugh. :P

  2. i giggled at the fact that you shortened the bloody mary down to bm ...way to go.